Our discussion will focus on how marijuana legalization will impact businesses, employees, owners, the community, the economy and more.

Some things change slow, others move quicker.  The pro-marijuana movement has officially been “picking up steam” since the 60’s when millions of hippies discovered it generates intense feelings of joy and happiness and eventually leads to sleep – which is a far cry from the destruction that alcohol regularly catalyzes.  For some reason the law has been slow to change, but that metamorphosis is happening quickly now.

With measure 91 passed in 2014 the time is here where marijuana has been legalized for personal possession and private use, and this concerns a lot of people.  This candid discussion and presentation with and by Man Vu, a reputable Portland attorney, aims to openly address the expected impact that new marijuana laws will have on business, employees, the community and the economy.

GABA meets at the East Portland Care Center at 11:30 AM this Thursday, July 9th and we look forward to seeing you there!


Update 07.09.15 – Meeting Notes:

This was a terrific discussion!  We were able to flesh out the needs of employer handbooks, discussed drug testing and the overall fear of dealing with intoxicated employees. Attorney Man Vu and his associate were certain marijuana will be decriminalized nationwide within 3 – 5 years, pending a federal de-scheduling of cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug.  Currently 10 or so states have decriminalized marijuana

Another concern addressed is the vast number of people in jail for marijuana possession as seen in the following chart, this should eventually drop to near 0.